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In 2004 we began planning to make our own wine at our property which we acquired and restored in 1999. After identifying a perfectly south facing terrain of around one hectare we decided that with very little expertise but with a lot of passion we would try and make a great wine.

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Intense, good body and ruby red, aroma of ripened fruits, touch of vanilla and which with time becomes velvety.


Red meats, game, cheese, cold meats or just on its own! Best to be opened at least one hour before consumption.


After the alcoholic fermentation process in stainless steel tanks, the wine is then aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, continuous monitoring takes place until it is then bottled where it is rested for at least six months.

Whilst Umbria never suffered the past “Chianti” disaster of Tuscany, it is probably true that Umbria has been slower to change and today, unlike in Tuscany, there are as yet no equivalent “Super Umbrians”. There are of course some great traditional Umbrian wines with perhaps those made from the unique Sagrantino grape the best known amongst wine lovers.
We decided to create an “IGT” (indicazione geografica tipica) wine with characteristics similar to Tignanello, one of the (now very expensive) “Super Tuscans”. But made in Umbria and at a much more affordable price.

The grape varieties were carefully selected and comprise around 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc. The structure of the vineyard was laid – ideal terrain but a painstaking job to position the poles in the rocky sub soil – and in spring 2005 the vines were planted.

The vines were meticulously cared for knowing that however good the subsequent wine making process might be, without wonderful grapes there would never be a wonderful wine!
The first harvest was in September 2007 and without our own facility the grapes were taken to a small wine maker in the local village. It was surprisingly good for a first vintage of very young vines.

On the basis of this we took the plunge to invest in our own modern wine production facility so that we could take control of the day to day attention required to have any chance of producing a great wine. The winery was completed in 2010 ready for that year’s harvest and “Corvento” was born.

The vintages continue to improve and recently blind tasting a bottle of Corvento against Tignanello was fun and more difficult than we had expected!

On the basis of the response we have had to date, we have decided to treble production alongside the existing vineyard but will always remain a select and very small private winery.

We would love you to taste the wine, hopefully enjoy it and any feedback is extremely welcome.